Thick-It® Summer Recipe Roundup

Summer conjures up images of cool drinks and flavorful dishes. As the temperature rises, try beating the heat with one of our refreshing drinks or tasty treats from the Thick-It® recipe collection – all of which can be made in a matter of minutes!

Apple Pop – Thick-It®

Cool down with a crisp and refreshing apple pop! Enjoy as an afternoon treat or for a post-meal dessert. Not craving apple? Try our orange or cranberry ready-to-drink juices for a different fruit flavor, or mix our thickened water with your favorite flavored powdered drink mix to truly make it your own.

Cheesecake Pudding – Thick-It®

Our cheesecake pudding hits the spot with a smooth, creamy texture. Turn up the flavor with a dollop of Thick-It® Mixed Fruit and Berry Puree on top!

Cranberry Orange Punch – Thick-It®

Tantalize your taste buds with this refreshing drink that blends the flavors of orange and cranberry – complete in minutes!

Check out these recipes and more on our recipe page, and when you’re ready to begin creating in the kitchen, use our locator to find Thick-It® products near you.

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