Support your physical and mental wellness with our free infographic.

Effective health care begins with the caregiver. If you’re not well, you can’t give your loved ones or patients your best. Yet over 60% of caregivers experience symptoms of burnout, including exhaustion and compassion fatigue.1

At the Thick-It® brand, we know it takes more than thickeners, beverages, and purées to improve the lives of people with dysphagia and those who love them. It takes knowledge and skills. Awareness and education. Action and resources. And, we’re here to help. We’ve developed a free, educational infographic to help you, your staff, patients and loved ones identify signs of burnout and strategies to support your overall physical and mental health.

Download our free infographic below.

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Hang this infographic in areas where caregivers frequently visit, such as the dining room, kitchen, or office. To view more of our educational resources, visit our Education Center.