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5 Ways To Plan For National Preparedness Month

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12 Breathing and Relaxation Techniques for Dysphagia Patients
While the documented ramifications of a dysphagia diagnosis are principally focused on nutritional aspects, the swallowing disorder may also lead to respiratory issues as well. In fact, most dysphagia sufferers experience breathing issues in conjunction with the eating and digestion process.1

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9 Facts about Stroke Patients and Dysphagia
Research indicates that there is a high incidence of dysphagia after stroke and its episodic consequences are well documented for their detrimental nutritional and health effects.1 Emerging evidence also confirms that early detection of dysphagic symptoms in stroke patients can help to reduce the severity of the disorder, shorten the length of hospital stays, and help dysphagic stroke patients enjoy a higher quality of life.2

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4 Examples Of The Latest Dysphagia Research
Swallowing disorders are hidden maladies, which severely affect an estimated 15 million Americans. While dysphagia topics have been studied for years, the disorder is still often poorly understood, under-diagnosed and mistreated. In an attempt to analyze and quantify the findings of some of the latest dysphagia research, we overviewed four studies, focusing on areas of dysphagic treatment and therapy developments and how they may prove beneficial to health care professionals in the treatment of dysphagia.

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Exercise Therapy Success For Dysphagia Patients: 3 Studies
For years, dysphagia therapies have been focused on helping patients to learn to swallow safely while rarely helping these patients to actually strengthen and improve their swallowing techniques. For instance, compensatory maneuvers, such as tilting the head or body positioning when swallowing are often encouraged by SLPs and other healthcare professionals.

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