Thick-It® AquaCareH2O Beverages FAQ
How and where can I purchase Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages?

If you’d like to purchase Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages for yourself or your loved one, or if you are a healthcare professional and would like to offer your patients information on where to buy, click here. 
You can also purchase select varieties through any Pharmacist. If you are a healthcare professional who would like to purchase Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages to use with your patients in your healthcare facility, click here.

Are Thick-It AquacareH2O Beverages safe for PKU?

Yes, there is no added phenylalanine in any of the Thick-It AquacareH2O Beverages.

What is xanthan gum?

Xanthan gum is a stabilizer used in a variety of foods, such as salad dressings and ice cream, to prevent ingredients from separating.

Do Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages mix well with powdered drink mixes? If so, how do I mix properly?

Yes, Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages mix well with powdered drink mixes. Simply follow the directions on the package of the powdered mix, substituting Thick-It AquaCareH2O thickened water for naturally occurring water. Find some of our favorites here.

Can I heat Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages?

Yes, Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages can be heated in the microwave or on the stovetop. (Heating the water first is recommended before adding powdered drink mixes such as cocoa powder, instant tea or instant soup mix.)

Microwave directions: Pour 6 fl oz into a microwavable mug and heat in the microwave on high for 45 seconds or until desired temperature, not to exceed 180 degrees, test with thermometer.

Stovetop directions: Pour desired amount into a pan and heat until desired temperature, not to exceed 180 degrees, test with thermometer.

Caution: Contents will be hot. 
Do not to overheat coffee as some dysphagia patients may have reduced sensory reception and burning of mucosa could result.

How do I heat Thick-It AquaCareH2O Coffee?

Add powdered creamer, sugar or sweetener as desired, stir before serving. Up to 1 1/8 teaspoon of milk or liquid creamer can be added to 6 fl oz of coffee and it will remain within the acceptable viscosity range.

Can Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages be frozen?

Yes, Thick-It AquacareH2O Beverages can be frozen and will remain the appropriate consistency when they melt. Enjoy ice cubes, popsicles and slushies again!

How do I properly store Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages?

Thick-It AquacareH2O Beverages should be stored in a cool, dry area. Once opened, it should be stored in the refrigerator.

What flavors and consistencies are available?

Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages come in the following flavors: water, coffee, both regular and decaffeinated, apple juice, orange juice and cranberry juice. All are available in nectar and honey consistencies.

Are Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages gluten free?


Are Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages Kosher and Kosher for Passover?

Yes, Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages are Kosher and the ONLY thickened beverages available that are Kosher for Passover.

What makes Thick-It AquaCareH2O Water clear?

Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages are made with Artesian mineral water from a 600 ft. well located in Superior, WI and thickened using a patented-process with xanthan gum, a thickening agent that creates a clear, thickened beverage.

Does Thick-It AquaCareH2O Water have a lemon flavor?

No, Thick-It AquaCareH2O Water does not contain any lemon flavoring, typically used as a masking agent. However, if you or your loved one prefers and enjoys lemon-flavored water, it is safe to add a small squeeze of lemon juice or lemon in the Thick-It AquaCareH2O Water.

What sizes are available?

Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages come in 46 oz re-sealable bottles (4/case) as well as small, travel-size 8 oz re-sealable bottles (24/case) that are perfect for on the go.

I’m a healthcare professional and I’d like to use Thick-It AquaCareH2O in my facility. How do I purchase it?

Do Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages have a HCPCs code for reimbursement?

No, currently there is not a HCPCs code for Thick-It AquacareH2O Beverages or for any pre-thickened product. But this does not necessarily mean they will not be reimbursed; contact your private insurers, State Medicaid or Medicare for exceptions and specific information. For a complete list of HCPCS codes for Thick-It products click here.

Do you make a milk variety?

We currently do not make a milk variety at this time. If milk is desired, powdered milk can be added to our Thick-It AquaCareH2O Water for a great-tasting, thickened milk. Simply follow the directions on the box of powdered milk, substituting Thick-It AquaCareH2O Water for naturally occurring water.

Can you add liquid to Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages, like other liquid beverages, dairy creamers?

Up to 1 1/8 teaspoon of liquid is generally safe to add to 6 fl oz of Thick-It AquacareH2O Beverages and will not significantly affect viscosity. Larger amounts of liquids should not be added to as the viscosity could change resulting in the beverage being too thin and therefore unsafe for those with swallowing disorders to consume.

Do I need a prescription to purchase Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages?

No, you do not need a prescription. Visit our Where to Buy page for details on where you can purchase Thick-It products. Although a prescription is not needed, we recommend you consult with a medical professional to determine the appropriate consistency to purchase.

Where is the expiration date located on the bottle, and how do I read it?

The expiration date is located on the top of the lid and is the last 6 digits of the code. For example 041516 would mean the product expires April 15, 2016.

What is the shelf life of Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages?
ProductUnopenedOpened/RefrigeratedOpened/Room Temperature
Water18 months14 days24 hours
Coffee18 months14 days24 hours
Juices9 months14 days24 hours

Are Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages safe for children?

Kent Precision Foods Group is committed to providing our customers with safe and high quality products while complying with applicable industry standards and regulatory requirements. For years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association have advised caution in the use of thickening products that contain xanthan gum or similar agents, such as starch, with any infant. In the thickener industry, this caution has expanded over time.

Under these circumstances and until further information is made available, Kent Precision Foods Group has decided to update the Thick-It® product line labels (Clear Advantage, Original, Original Concentrate, and Original Foodservice) to recommend the products should not be used by infants under 2 years old and should only be used by children under the age of 12 in consultation with a physician.

How can Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages fit into a diabetic diet?

The water and coffee varieties are sugar, calorie and carbohydrate free, while the juices contain no added sugars or high fructose corn syrup. Although the juices do contain calories and carbohydrates, they can be added to any person’s meal plan. Consult with your registered dietitian or healthcare provider. View the Diabetic Exchange Chart.

If you have a question that is not listed above please contact us and we will do our best to answer it for you.


Re-sealable, portable and with no mixing required, our clear, ready-to-drink thickened beverages are available in a variety of sizes and flavors.

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