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If you’re worried that dysphagia will compromise your lifestyle, ready-to-drink Thick-It® AquaCareH2O Beverages are convenient and versatile. Specifically designed to provide proper nutrition and hydration for people with swallowing disorders, all beverages are made with pure Artesian mineral water and thickened with xanthan gum using a patented process that results in a full line of products that look and taste natural. These ready-to-drink beverages, require no measuring or mixing, and are pre-thickened to nectar or honey consistencies. Featuring convenient re-sealable bottles, Thick-It® AquaCareH2O Beverages can be enjoyed at home or on the go, and are available in water, regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee, orange juice, apple juice and cranberry juice.
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Don’t sacrifice delicious foods because of your swallowing disorder. Thick-It® Purées are great-tasting comfort foods made with real ingredients and come in 15 varieties – even gluten-free, vegetarian and low-sodium options! These fully cooked, ready-to-eat puréed foods for those with swallowing disorders are convenient and enjoyable to eat – just open, heat and serve. With options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, these appetizing purées offer consistent texture, reliable nutrition and a satisfying meal.
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Don’t know where to turn for a reliable food and beverage thickener? Since 1987, Thick-It® Original Food and Beverage Thickener has been helping people with dysphagia enjoy their favorite foods and beverages. Thick-It® Original Food and Beverage Thickener produces any desired consistency quickly and easily without changing the taste or appearance of hot and cold puréed foods and beverages. Thick-It® Original Concentrated Food and Beverage Thickener is a concentrated formula, meaning you use less to achieve your desired consistency, resulting in fewer calories and carbohydrates. This may be a better option for people with diabetes and those trying to manage their weight.
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Re-sealable, portable and with no mixing required, our clear, ready-to-drink thickened beverages are available in a variety of sizes and flavors.

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