Every meal, every day, the Thick-It® brand delivers good taste and nutrition.

Food & Beverage Thickeners

Reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use, Thick-It® Original allows you to prepare your favorite homemade recipes at any temperature safely. With no added flavors, Thick-It® lets you enjoy the natural taste of your food and drinks.
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Ready-to-Drink Beverages

Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Ready-to-Drink thickened beverages are a convenient way to stay hydrated at home or on the go. Pre-thickened to meet IDDSI standards, Clear Advantage® maintains its clarity and consistency whether served hot, cold, or even frozen. Choose from a variety of beverages, including water, coffee, and three fruit juices.
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Made with authentic ingredients in a variety of options, Thick-It® Purées offer consistent texture, reliable nutrition, and satisfying flavor. Spend less time on food prep and more time with your loved ones. With Thick-It® Purées, just heat and eat. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served!
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Hydration Care Solutions

The Thick-It® and Sqwincher® brands have safe and reliable thickened beverages combined with great tasting electrolyte formulas for all day, every day hydration for everyone. We call it HydrationCare360—a full-circle perspective on the importance of hydration and its role in all aspects of health.
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