Introducing IDDSI, the new standards for the dysphagia diet


If you or a loved one has a swallowing disorder, you’ll notice a change in the labels of the products you use to thicken foods and beverages.

Rather than the honey or nectar consistencies you’re used to seeing on packages or mixing directions for Thick-It® brand products, you’ll soon be seeing terms like mildly thick, moderately thick, or extremely thick.

It’s all part of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI), a global movement to standardize definitions for the various consistencies and textures in modified beverages and foods. While terms like honey and nectar are appetizing, they can mean different things in different cultures. IDDSI standardizes terminology and testing methods, so people with dysphagia and those who care for them will have simple, consistent guidelines for selecting and preparing food and beverages.

As a leader in dysphagia nutrition innovation—and a gold-level sponsor of the IDDSI— the Thick-It® brand is proud to be a part of this voluntary effort to improve care worldwide for people with swallowing disorders.