Here’s what dysphagia patients, caregivers and SLPS are saying about how Thick-It® solutions are making a positive difference.

The Thick-It brand pre-thickened liquids are so convenient and practical for patients with dysphagia. I also appreciate the diabetic-friendly options that Thick-It provides.
Jinger D.
Thick-It is the go-to product we recommend to our patients and families in the management of dysphagia.
Sheree P.
I'm an SLP in a hospital outpatient setting where I see many patients with dysphagia. I use Thick-It during my sessions because it s a cost-effective way to conveniently thicken beverages. I recommend it regularly to my patients because there is no change in taste, only texture.
Becky G.
As a speech therapist in a preschool setting, I had a four year old on a pureed and honey-thick diet. Our cafeteria was unable to prepare his food. I found the Thick-It Purees and it changed his whole feeding experience. He was finally able to enjoy eating!!
Mandy S.
I have been a speech-language pathologist for 2 years and I use Thick-It powdered products which are really good. I would like to push my SNF to incorporate the pre-thickened liquid as well because it is the best one I've seen out there. Thick-It is the way to go if you want the purest of the pure.
Audra B.
I have been working in a nursing home in a rural part of South Carolina. To thicken liquids for our patients we use Thick-It. Thanks to products like Thick-It patients are able to enjoy their beverages safely and have an improved quality of life.
Brittany P.
Through the years as an SLP working with patients with dysphagia in a small adult day health center I consistently have chosen Thick-It as my thickening agent because of its commercial availability for my patients families and ease of use. With proper training staff and families have learned how to mix Thick-It and our patients will drink thickened liquids.
Lisa L.S.
We love Thick-It! We often recommend the pre-thickened liquids, purees and thickening powder. The products taste great and many patients prefer them over other brands.
Alissa Y.
I always recommend Thick-It to my elderly patients as it is easy to obtain at many local pharmacies and affordable. I pass along other brands for my patients to trial and they always say they like using Thick-It better.
Mary K. E.
Thank you so much for the recipes. The popsicles are certainly ideal for the hot weather. Thick-It AquaCareH2O certainly improves the quality of life and gives more choices to patients and their families.
Amy M., Speech-Language Pathologist, CT
Thick-It has been a dependable product in my practice with my patients. I love the individual packets!
Mary, Speech-Language Pathologist
I use Thick-It for my mom and it works great. I don't worry about her aspirating thin liquids.
Robin, Chicago, IL
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Thickeners – Easily create any desired consistency, without changing taste or appearance.

Beverages – Ready-to-drink, no mixing required, just open and serve. Available in nectar or honey consistencies.

Purees – Ready-to-eat comfort foods made with real ingredients. Gluten free and low-sodium options.

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