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The Thick-It® team is excited to unveil the improved ProCare Sampling Program, featuring a diverse mix of our most in-demand products for those with dysphagia.

Introducing the New Thick-It® ProCare Sampling Program

For many years, the Thick-It® team has been proud to provide healthcare professionals with […]
Against a brick wall backdrop, a woman sits at a table with her laptop open, as she searches for online resources and takes notes in her notebook.

A Dysphagia Resource Guide for Patients and Caregivers

Experiencing the first symptoms of dysphagia can be both alarming and devastating for patients […]
A female patient consults with a healthcare professional on her dysphagia diagnosis

Strategies for Caregivers Supporting a Loved One with Dysphagia

Although caring for someone with a swallowing disorder can be a rewarding experience, it […]
Members of the sales team Susan Norris, Chris Glenn and Cherie Larson at FNCE 2019.

FNCE 2019: Key Takeaways from the National Conference

As a provider of dysphagia nutrition solutions, it is important to keep a finger […]

Dysphagia’s Broader Impact on Caregivers & Families: NFOSD Webinar Recap

The National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders (NFOSD) recently hosted a webinar on “Dysphagia’s Broader […]

Navigating Holiday Mealtime with a Swallowing Disorder

For many families and friends, enjoying the holidays means gathering together to share a […]

Meet the Thick-It® Team at FNCE 2019

The Thick-It® team is committed to research and innovation, as well as to improving […]

On the Front Lines of Dysphagia: Susan Norris

Dysphagia affects an estimated 590 million people worldwidei, yet the swallowing disorder is often […]

How to Maintain Proper Nutrition and Hydration on a Dysphagia Diet

For many people, maintaining proper nutrition and hydration may be nothing more than eating […]

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