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A healthcare professional surveys stock reserve of Thick-It® Ready-to-Drink beverages in a facility’s kitchen.

Where and How to Buy Thick-It® Products

Many individuals with dysphagia follow a modified diet of thickened and puréed foods and […]
Puréed Breakfast Casserole made using Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Thickened Water Mildly Thick and Thick-It® Omelet with Sausage and Cheddar Cheese Purée

Puréed Breakfast Casserole Recipe

We’ve long been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While […]
A couple consults with a healthcare professional about treatment plans for dysphagia

Understanding the Causes of Dysphagia

Difficulty swallowing, or dysphagia, is a complex diagnosis. Simply put, dysphagia means it takes […]
A man sitting at a table grips a glass of water while holding his fork over a plate of puréed food

Food Safety Tips to Prevent Foodborne Illness

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 48 million […]
A family caregiver leans over a table where her son and her father are sipping beverages and working on a puzzle together

5 Self-Care Tips for Family Caregivers

Caregiving is a demanding, full-time job for many. A recent study[i] reported family caregivers […]
A family of six gathers around the dinner table to enjoy a holiday meal

Making Holiday Mealtime Dysphagia-Friendly

Guest Author: Jessica Hilton, MS, RDN, CDN The holidays are a time when many […]
Puréed Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake made using Thick-It® Maple Cinnamon French Toast Purée, Thick-It® Caramel Flavored Apple Pie Purée, and Thick-It® Original Food & Beverage Thickener

Fall Favorite Recipe: Puréed Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

The leaves are starting to fall, and the air feels chilly – perfect weather […]
A couple sitting on a couch sips tea while listening attentively to a healthcare professional seated in a chair across from them

Planning for Long-Term Care

It can be difficult to predict how much or what type of long-term care […]
Clear Advantage® HydraICETM Electrolyte Freezer Pops in Pineapple

Thick-It® Brand Launches Clear Advantage® HydraICE Electrolyte Freezer Pops

Staying properly hydrated can be a challenge for almost anyone, especially those with swallowing […]

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