New Thick-It® Clear Advantage® eases the burden of dysphagia for patients and their providers.

Dehydration and dysphagia exact a heavy toll on seniors, caregivers, and the healthcare system. Thick-It® leads the way in dysphagia innovation with Thick-It® Clear Advantage®, our xanthan-based food and beverage thickener, with patented application, that mixes easily with supplements and medications to allow increased nutrient absorption. With Thick-It® Clear Advantage®, your residents who suffer from dysphagia can stay hydrated and nourished, benefiting from the nutrients and medications they are administered.

Bringing heart and science to dysphagia nutrition

In 1987, Thick-It® introduced the first commercially available cornstarch-based thickener for dysphagia: Thick-It®. While an affordable and effective thickener, starch can sometimes cloud liquids, and its caloric content can be a concern for those who are obese or those with diabetes. To address these issues, a number of manufacturers have introduced non-caloric, xanthan gum-based thickeners.

As a leader in dysphagia nutrition, Thick-It® examined research demonstrating that the chemical structure of xanthan can cause some medications and nutrients to be passed through the digestive system unabsorbed. Given that most people with dysphagia also have compromised immune systems, this was a great concern. After years of additional research, Thick-It® developed a xanthan formula supporting proper absorption of nutrients and medications—Thick-It® Clear Advantage®.

Thick-It® Clear Advantage® mixes effectively with supplements and medications, allowing increased absorption for improved bioavailability. Versatile, affordable and easy to use, Thick-It® Clear Advantage® offers numerous benefits over both starch and other xanthan-based thickeners:


Unlike starch, xanthan-based Thick-It® Clear Advantage® maintains a consistent viscosity over time, giving you more flexibility in mixing and serving and your residents more time to enjoy.


Clear and flavorless, Thick-It® Clear Advantage® won’t affect the taste or appearance of food or beverages, encouraging better hydration and nutrition for residents.


Studies demonstrate that accommodating residents’ beverage requests can increase fluid intake. (Simmons, Alessi, & Schnelle, 2001) Now, your dysphagia residents can safely enjoy everything from hot beverages to cold juice to frozen fruit pops—Thick-It® Clear Advantage® maintains its consistency, even after being exposed to a range of temperatures.


Unlike other xanthan thickeners, Thick-It® Clear Advantage® mixes easily with supplements and medications to ensure that your residents absorb more of their prescribed medications and the nutrients in their diets.