Cheers to Better Hydration: Make hydration an all day, every day priority.

Help fight the effects of dehydration with our educational tool.

Dehydration is a serious condition, especially for senior citizens. At least one in five older adults in long-term care has dehydration due to not drinking enough fluids.1 Left unchecked, it can limit your ability to fight infections, lead to confusion, falls, seizures, or even death.2

The Thick-It® brand is here to help. Developing new and innovative dysphagia nutrition solutions has been our primary focus for over 30 years—and education is central to our mission. We’ve developed a downloadable infographic that visually explains the signs and consequences of dehydration, offering simple steps to help your patients stay better hydrated.

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Hang this infographic at your workstation or in an area your patients frequently visit, such as the dining room, kitchen, or bedside. Knowing the signs of dehydration is the first step to staying optimally hydrated!

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