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On the Front Lines of Dysphagia: Cherie Larson

Dysphagia affects an estimated 590 million people worldwide[i], yet the swallowing disorder is often […]

IDDSI: What Every Dysphagia Patient and Caregiver Should Know

There are more than 590 million people worldwide living with dysphagia¹, yet the terms […]

Bringing Much-Needed Variety to the Dysphagia Diet

Once, dinner out with friends was a relaxing experience. Holiday meals meant enjoying familiar […]

The Thick-It® Brand, IDDSI Improving Lives of Those with Swallowing Difficulties

At the Thick-It® brand, we are committed to research, innovation and education. These are […]
A healthcare professional explains dietary issues to a dysphagia patient and her caregiver

Introducing Dysphagia Patients to the Dietary Basics

For years, healthcare providers, dietitians and speech language pathologists (SLPs) have debated the specifics […]
A couple sits at a table smiling at one another sharing a nutritious dysphagia-friendly meal

Understanding the Basics of Dysphagia Nutrition

Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, is a disorder that may be caused by stroke, neurological […]
Close-up photo of two individuals holding one another’s hands in comfort

7 Things For Caregivers To Understand About Dysphagia Patients

If a loved one or friend has been diagnosed with dysphagia, you probably feel […]
A healthcare professional points to a piece of paper as she discusses xanthan gum with a male dysphagia patient

Xanthan Gum: What is it, and why does it matter for those with dysphagia?

For years, starch has been used to thicken beverages for patients with dysphagia. While […]
A physician smiles as she discusses effective treatment options for dysphagia with an elderly man and woman

5 Treatment Options for Dysphagia

With over 50 muscles and nerves involved during the act of swallowing, problems sometimes […]

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