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The front cover of the new recipe guide, A Piece of Cake, by Thick-It® in partnership with Sara Lee®

Thick-It® Brand Recognizes NDAM with Dessert Recipe Guide, Summer Playlist

June is National Dysphagia Awareness Month, which calls attention to the prevalence and impact […]
The IDDSI Framework is displayed on a laptop computer screen

Leveling Up Dysphagia Nutrition — The IDDSI Standard for Level 3 Liquids

Confused about terms like “Moderately Thick,” “Level 3,” or “the IDDSI* Framework?” You’re certainly […]
A laptop sits open on a table with a plant in a silver pot behind it

Leveling Up Dysphagia Nutrition — The IDDSI Standard for Level 2 Liquids

Nothing is more important than the safety and quality of foods and beverages for […]
A loaf of sliced bread sits on a wooden dish.

Bread in the Limelight: Texture-Modified Diets

Guest Author: Katrina Woodward, MS, CCC-SLP, CDP The rollout of the International Dysphagia Diet […]
A football sits in a grass field.

Score on Game Day with Dysphagia-Friendly Recipes

With football season in full swing, the Thick-It® brand is helping those with swallowing […]
An elderly man, at right, sits on a tan couch pouring Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Thickened Apple Juice into a glass while his wife, center, and a female healthcare professional in blue scrubs, at left, smile and look on.

Senior Outlook Today: Dysphagia Nutrition

Each year, one in 25 adults experience a swallowing problem. Older adults are more […]

Dysphagia-Friendly Fall Recipe Roundup

If there’s one season defined by its flavors, it’s fall. As the temperature begins […]
A man high-fives his grandson during a puzzle game.

Dysphagia-Friendly Father’s Day Recipes

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the dads in our lives, often with […]
A healthcare professional surveys stock reserve of Thick-It® Ready-to-Drink beverages in a facility’s kitchen.

Where and How to Buy Thick-It® Products

Many individuals with dysphagia follow a modified diet of thickened and puréed foods and […]

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