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Close-up photo of a notebook lying flat as an individual’s right hand uses a black pen to write a checklist

5 Ways To Plan For National Preparedness Month

Health care facilities providing residential services to dysphagia patients are potentially vulnerable to the […]
A medical professional in a white coat holds a black clipboard and a pen in his hands

6 Things To Know About Electrical Stimulation And Dysphagia

Electrical stimulation as a treatment option for dysphagia has received much attention recently from […]
A woman closes her eyes and relaxes in a chair on an outdoor patio

12 Breathing and Relaxation Techniques for Dysphagia Patients

While the documented ramifications of a dysphagia diagnosis are principally focused on nutritional aspects, […]
A physician holds a blood pressure monitor to a patient’s arm

9 Facts about Stroke Patients and Dysphagia

Research indicates that there is a high incidence of dysphagia after stroke and its […]
A researcher stands with her back to the camera in a lab full of test tubes

4 Examples Of The Latest Dysphagia Research

Swallowing disorders are hidden maladies, which severely affect an estimated 15 million Americans.1 These […]
A speech-language pathologist in a white coat points to a piece of paper as she discusses exercises with a patient

Exercise Therapy Success For Dysphagia Patients: 3 Studies

For years, dysphagia therapies have been focused on helping patients to learn to swallow […]
An elderly woman in a white blouse looks straight ahead as she sits outside in front of pink and purple flowers

3 Steps Toward Understanding The Psychological Aspects Of Dysphagia

As an SLP or healthcare professional treating patients with swallowing disorders, you know the […]

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