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The Undeniable Importance of Oral Hygiene for Those with Dysphagia

TWO minutes TWO times a day can preserve your teeth & gums (based on […]

5 Ways to Protect Dysphagia Patients During National Preparedness Month

If the past two-and-a-half years have taught us anything, it is that global health […]
An older adult holds a child and watches another man grilling.

Stay Hydrated this Summer with Thick-It® Hydration Solutions

Maintaining proper hydration while enjoying outdoor activities in the summer heat and humidity can […]
A patient (left) meets with a caregiver (right)

Introducing the SLP: An Essential Role in Managing Dysphagia

Guest Author: Katrina Woodward, MS, CCC-SLP, CDP The ability to eat and drink is […]
An elderly man with grey hair and glasses looks up at a caregiver while holding her hand.

Identifying and Managing Dysphagia After a Stroke

Swallowing is a complex task that requires the brain to coordinate more than 50 […]
A family caregiver gives a high five to a little boy who is working on a jigsaw puzzle at a table with his grandfather.

6 Ways Family Caregivers Can Enrich Their Lives

Family members are the primary source of support for older adults and people with […]

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