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Leveling Up Dysphagia Nutrition — The IDDSI Standard for Level 3 Liquids

The IDDSI Framework is displayed on a laptop computer screen

Confused about terms like “Moderately Thick,” “Level 3,” or “the IDDSI* Framework?” You’re certainly not alone. To help you gain more confidence in the kitchen, we developed the second installment in our educational video series, Leveling Up Dysphagia Nutrition.

In the second short video, Samantha Estes, RD will demonstrate the testing methods and proper consistency for IDDSI Moderately Thick, Level 3 liquids. Previously known as honey consistency, Moderately Thick, Level 3 liquids can be sipped from a cup or eaten exclusively with a spoon.

Watch the video below to learn how to test a Moderately Thick, Level 3 liquid using a 10-milliliter slip tip syringe.

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