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Savor Summer with the Thick-It® Brand’s New Guidebook

A young woman smiles as she pours a beverage from a pitcher into her grandmother’s glass during a family meal outdoors.

For many, summer is a time to enjoy picnics in the park, backyard barbecues, baseball games, and the great outdoors. But for those with swallowing disorders such as dysphagia, higher temperatures can pose an increased risk of dehydration and lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, as foods and drinks are at the center of many seasonal activities and events.

Although they must often follow a diet of modified food textures and thickened liquids to help prevent aspiration and choking, there are many ways that those with dysphagia can enjoy the wonderful activities summer has to offer. Check out the following tips from the Thick-It® brand’s new Summer Guidebook.

Soak up the Sun

Take advantage of warmer weather by spending more time outside. Whether you choose to take a stroll at a local park, lounge on the beach, or do yoga in your own backyard, exposure to sunlight helps your body generate vitamin D — a necessary nutrient for a healthy brain, bones, and muscles.[i] Some doctors even prescribe sunlight as a source of vitamin D, which research has shown can improve cognitive function and mood.

Those who are physically able can also take part in outdoor activities with family and friends. Attend a baseball game, a grandchild’s soccer match, or a concert. If you are unable to leave home, host a backyard bonfire and sing-along. Share stories of the past or create new ones by going around the circle, having each person add the next sentence.[ii]

Stay Hydrated

Maintaining proper hydration during the hot summer months can be difficult, especially for people with swallowing difficulties.[iii] The Thick-It® brand offers a variety of hydration solutions that can help you stay hydrated at home or on-the-go.

You can also quench your thirst by sharing easy-to-mix, dysphagia-friendly mocktails like the Thick-It® Sunrise Mocktail (yield: 3 servings) with family and friends at your next summer get-together.

An orange and red Sunrise Mocktail in a glass



  1. Wash hands before beginning preparation. Sanitize surfaces and equipment.
  2. Pour Clear Advantage® Thickened Cranberry Juice Blend into a liquid measuring cup or pitcher.
  3. Add Clear Advantage® Thickened Orange Juice Blend and mix lightly.
  4. Pour 8 fl oz. into a tall glass or champagne flute and serve immediately. If not serving immediately, then cover and hold at 40°F or less until service (CCP).
  5. Test prepared recipe per IDDSI Testing Methods. Refer to for details.
  6. Discard any unused portions of prepared recipe.

Enjoy Seasonal Flavors

Planning a cookout or barbecue this summer? Enjoy the flavors of the season with delicious and nutritious dysphagia-friendly recipes like the Puréed Barbecue Beef Sandwich (yield: 1 serving):

Puréed Barbecue Beef Sandwich



  1. Prepare PU4 Bread: Place bread slices on a sheet pan in an even layer. Pour Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Thickened Water Mildly Thick (Nectar) over bread. Cover with plastic film and refrigerate. Allow bread to thoroughly soak for 2–4 hours or overnight.
  2. Place Thick-It® Beef in Barbecue Sauce Purée–Smoke Flavor Added in a microwave-safe bowl and cover. Microwave on high for 30–60 seconds until hot and steaming (165°F). Stir. Hold at 140°F or higher until served.*

*ALTERNATIVE METHOD: Place Thick-It® Beef in Barbecue Sauce Purée–Smoke Flavor Added in a sauce pan. Heat until hot and steaming (165°F), stirring occasionally. Hold at 140°F or higher until served.

  1. Test Thick-It® Beef in Barbecue Sauce Purée–Smoke Flavor Added and prepared PU4 Bread per IDDSI Testing Methods (Puréed Diet, PU4) using the Fork Drip Test and Spoon Tilt Test. Refer to for details.
  2. To serve, place one slice of prepared PU4 Bread on bottom of serving dish. Top with 1/3 cup of Thick-It® Beef in Barbecue Sauce Purée–Smoke Flavor Added and remaining slice of prepared PU4 Bread. May form as an open-faced sandwich, if desired. Serve immediately.
  3. Discard any unused portions of prepared recipe.

For 10 other dysphagia-friendly recipes, download the Thick-It® brand’s free Variety Comes to the Table recipe book (including recipes for both single- and multiple-servings).

Dine with Dignity

People with dysphagia can be self-conscious about their condition and become embarrassed or angry during mealtimes, especially in public.[iv] However, there are several ways you can help your loved one proudly take their seat at the table during summer gatherings.

  • Plan an outing. Let your loved one choose the restaurant and order their meal. Contact the restaurant in advance to alert them to the diner’s special requirements.
  • Help your loved one maintain their clothing and appearance. Cravaat scarves offer a variety of discreet and stylish garments that protect clothing from spills.
  • Stay engaged. Let your loved one weigh in on their preferences for what, where, and when they eat.

For more ideas for how to help your loved one with dysphagia safely enjoy the best summer has to offer, download the Thick-It® brand’s free Summer Fun Guide.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, treatment, or the use of Thick-It® or Sqwincher® products. The information contained herein is general in nature and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner.


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