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Thick-It® Brand Introduces Variety Pack of Dysphagia Nutrition Products

Thick-It® Brand Purée Protein, Purée Vegetable, and Ready-to-Drink Variety Packs Now Available

Everyone deserves to enjoy the simple pleasure of their favorite meals and beverages. The Thick-It® brand is dedicated to providing safe, satisfying nutrition solutions for people with dysphagia—from purées to ready-to-drink beverages to thickeners. Now, the brand is offering variety packs for the ultimate convenience for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

The new packs are available in Purée Protein, Purée Vegetable, and Ready-to-Drink categories. The ready-to-drink options feature the newly reformulated Thick-It® Clear Advantage® beverages and are available in IDDSI Level 2 – Mildly Thick (nectar) and IDDSI Level 3 – Moderately Thick (honey) consistencies. The Purées are available in IDDSI Level 4 – Puree.

Purée Protein 12-Pack:
Seasoned Chicken Patty Purée (Qty 3)
Beef Stew Purée (Qty 3)
Beef Lasagna Purée (Qty 2)
Beef in Barbecue Sauce Purée – Smoke Flavor Added (Qty 2)
Chicken á La King Purée (Qty 2)

Purée Vegetable 12-Pack:
Carrot and Pea Purée (Qty 4)
Seasoned Green Bean Purée (Qty 3)
Sweet Corn Purée (Qty 3)
Seasoned Spinach Purée (Qty 1)
Seasoned Broccoli Purée (Qty 1)

Thickened Ready-to-Drink 24-Pack:
Water (Qty 9)
Apple Juice (Qty 5)
Cranberry Juice Blend (Qty 5)
Orange Juice Blend (Qty 5)

“The Thick-It® team is proud to offer effective, convenient nutrition solutions for those living with dysphagia,” said Kelli Meyer, brand manager for the Personal Nutrition Solutions division of Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc., which produces the Thick-It® brand of products. “The new variety packs reflect our commitment to putting patients and caregivers first.”

The variety packs are available on Amazon and for facility use through the brand’s sales team. For more information and to find Thick-It® products near you, visit Thick-It®.com and follow the brand on Facebook at, on Twitter at @Thick-It®_PFI, and on LinkedIn at Thick-It® Nutrition Innovation for Dysphagia.

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