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Using Thick-It® Original Food and Beverage Thickeners to Promote Safe Swallowing

Thick-It® Food and Beverage Thickeners in starch-based formulas

Although swallowing disorders can make it difficult to stay hydrated and well-fed, the Thick-It® team believes everyone deserves to enjoy the simple pleasure of their favorite meals and beverages. We are dedicated to providing safe and satisfying nutrition solutions for people with dysphagia, beginning in 1987 with the introduction of Thick-It® Original—the first commercially available food and beverage thickener for dysphagia. Today, we continue to lead the industry with new and innovative product offerings, from ready-to-drink water, juice, coffee, and tea, to tasty purées and easy-to-use thickeners.

Our Thick-It® Food & Beverage Thickeners, for example, may help dysphagia patients safely enjoy the flavors of their favorite homemade dishes and drinks (hot or cold!) without altering the flavors they love. Reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use, our thickeners are available in starch-based formulas to best suit patients’ needs, including:

  • Thick-It® Original Food & Beverage Thickener: The Thick-It® Original product has been recommended by healthcare professionals for over 30 years, and today, it is the number one retail brand thickener for people with dysphagia. Thick-It® Original Food & Beverage Thickener allows patients and caregivers to produce desired consistency quickly and easily without changing the taste or appearance of hot or cold puréed foods and beverages. Plus, it’s now available in new, innovative single-serve packaging in mildly thick and moderately thick consistencies, making it even more convenient for mixing at home or on the go.

View or print our handy Thick-It® Original Food & Beverage Thickener mixing chart here.

  • Thick-It® Original Concentrated Food & Beverage Thickener: Our concentrated formula requires less thickener to achieve the desired consistency, therefore reducing the amount of calories and carbohydrates in the food or drink. Thick-It® Original Concentrated may be a better option for people with diabetes or for those who need to manage their weight.

Our Thick-It® Original Concentrated Food & Beverage Thickener mixing chart is available here.

Whether a patient or caregiver, or new or experienced when it comes to creating dysphagia-friendly foods and beverages, our thickeners are designed to make it easy to prepare meals to the desired consistency. To inspire your creations, we’ve created a recipe book specifically for patients and caregivers. From sides to main courses, click here to access 11 new recipes made using Thick-It® brand products.

Note: Thick-It® brand product labels have been recently updated, and packaging may vary depending upon location. Please be sure to follow the usage chart and mixing instructions listed on the Thick-It® brand product package you are currently using.

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