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Thick-It® Brand Unveils New Name, Packaging for Ready-to-Drink Beverages

The Thick-It® brand, a provider of dysphagia nutrition solutions, has changed the name of its AquaCareH2O line of pre-thickened beverages to Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Ready-to-Drink Beverages. Complementing the name change is a modernized package label that complies with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI), of which the Thick-It® brand is a gold sponsor. The changes will help differentiate the brand’s xanthan gum-based products from its starch-based products.

Ready-to-drink, thickened with xanthan gum, and packaged in single- and multi-serve resealable bottles, Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Beverages help provide proper nutrition and hydration for people with swallowing disorders. Clear Advantage® Beverages are made with pure Artesian mineral water and are available in a variety of  flavorful options including water, regular and decaffeinated coffee, orange juice blend, apple juice, cranberry juice blend, and decaffeinated tea. Each variety has been reformulated for an even smoother taste and is available in IDDSI Level 2 – Mildly Thick (nectar) and IDDSI Level 3 – Moderately Thick (honey) consistencies.

The Clear Advantage® Thickened Coffee is the only ready-to-drink thickened coffee on the market, and the Clear Advantage® Thickened Water, which has no lemon flavor unlike many other available products, is the brand’s No. 1 seller. Additionally, each of the Clear Advantage® thickened juices are made from 100% juice with added ingredients (no high fructose corn syrup) from concentrate and provide 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C in one 8 fluid ounce serving.

For more information and to find Thick-It® products near you, visit Thick-It®.com and follow the brand on Facebook at, on Twitter at @Thick-It®_PFI and on LinkedIn at Thick-It® Nutrition Innovation for Dysphagia.

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