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Introducing the New Thick-It® ProCare Sampling Program

The Thick-It® team is excited to unveil the improved ProCare Sampling Program, featuring a diverse mix of our most in-demand products for those with dysphagia.

For many years, the Thick-It® team has been proud to provide healthcare professionals with free samples of our innovative suite of dysphagia nutrition solutions through our sampling program. Now, we’re excited to unveil the improved ProCare Sample Kits, featuring a diverse mix of our most in-demand products for those with dysphagia.

In order to best serve healthcare professionals working in out-patient or at-home settings and, ultimately, to help meet the nutritional needs of their patients, we’ve recently completed some improvements to the ProCare Sampling Program, including:

  • Simplified ordering process on Thick-It®.com
  • Larger sample size (55% of respondents in a recent survey conducted by the Thick-It® team indicated a larger sample size would enhance the ProCare Sample Kits)
  • Enhanced educational resources (nearly 17% of survey respondents cited ProCare as a resource for internal and patient education)
  • Assorted mix of products (50% of survey respondents indicated they’d like to see a greater assortment of Thick-It® products available through the program)

Rest assured, one thing that hasn’t changed about the sampling program is the price. Our ProCare kits are still a FREE resource for healthcare professionals!

The new ProCare Sampling Program was developed with both the healthcare professional and patient in mind; 92% of survey respondents indicated what they like about the program is that it’s helpful for patients, and while most healthcare professionals who have used our program told us that they give the kits to patients to use at home, others indicated they use the samples for swallow evaluations, patient and employee trainings, and student education.

We offer two free sample options – Mildly Thick and Moderately Thick – as pictured above, and the kits are now fixed rather than a la carte. While exact packaging may vary as the brand switches to International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)* compliant labeling, all kits will include a mix of Thick-It® products, including food & beverage thickeners, ready-to-drink beverages, and purées. We’ve also added even more samples of the number one selling retail brand, Thick-It® Original Food & Beverage Thickener, to each kit. There is a limit of five kits in each variety, or 10 kits total, per order.

Ready to start receiving samples for your patients? Click here to join our free sampling program today! All users will need to register for the program within this new streamlined system, even if they previously had a ProCare account. Our Customer Care team is standing by to help with the new ordering process; please call 1-800-333-0003 for further assistance.

Are you a dietary manager in a hospital, long-term care facility, or other healthcare institution? If so, the ProCare Kits are not just right for you. However, you should register for our Facility Sampling Program.


*Thick-It® brand is a gold sponsor of IDDSI.

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