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A Dysphagia Resource Guide for Patients and Caregivers

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Experiencing the first symptoms of dysphagia can be both alarming and devastating for patients and caregivers. Not knowing where to turn for helpful information can add to the stress of this diagnosis.

As a leader of innovative dysphagia nutrition solutions, the Thick-It® team is committed to serving the needs of people with dysphagia, their loved ones and caregivers, and the greater healthcare community through quality products and education. We have compiled a comprehensive list of helpful resources, articles, and information to guide you through the management of dysphagia.

Understanding Dysphagia

  • What is dysphagia? What causes it? Learn more about this misunderstood condition with this Q&A about swallowing disorders.
  • How do I maintain proper nutrition and hydration with dysphagia? Learn more here.
  • How do I prevent aspiration? Find out here.

Dysphagia Diet Products

  • What products (thickeners, ready-to-drink beverages, and purées) are available? Learn more about the Thick-It® brand’s product offerings here.
  • What are the nutritional values of these products? Use our simple product comparison tool to make informed decisions on Thick-It®brand products.
  • How do I use these products? Learn more about measuring and mixing.

Managing Dysphagia

  • What breathing and relaxation techniques are available for dysphagia patients? Learn more here.
  • What are some helpful tips for caregivers? This article lists seven helpful things for caregivers to know about dysphagia.

International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative*

Additional Resources and Information

Where can I find support for managing a swallowing disorder or the conditions that can cause one? These expert organizations – from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association to the National Institutes of Health and more – offer a variety of information, tools, and support.

In addition, whether you’re a patient or caregiver, our Customer Care Center is available to answer your questions on Thick-It® brand products and dysphagia nutrition, via phone (1-800-333-0003), online, or by mail.

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