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Provider Magazine: Proper Oral Care Can Reduce Risk of Pneumonia

Did you know? Despite the high occurrence of aspiration pneumonia in patients with dysphagia, it is often considered to be a potentially preventable complication. Effective oral care has been widely accepted as a crucial component in the reduction of aspiration pneumonia, but still, it is often overlooked.

In a recent Provider Magazine article, titled “Proper Oral Care Can Reduce Risk of Pneumonia,” Jennifer Maher, MA, CCC-SLP, senior clinician and New York City regional manager with Language Fundamentals, outlines the prevalence of hospital readmissions with dysphagia patients, how aspiration pneumonia occurs, and her tips for preventing complications of dysphagia with proper oral care and diet.

Jennifer works extensively with individuals in the subacute and long-term care settings with a special interest in the management of dysphagia. Jennifer’s opinions and advice are her own. Language Fundamentals is compensated by Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc., producers of the Thick-It® brand family of products, for their research and industry insights.

Check out Jennifer’s tips here.


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