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The Thick-It® Brand, IDDSI Improving Lives of Those with Swallowing Difficulties

At the Thick-It® brand, we are committed to research, innovation and education. These are the pillars of our organization as we work to find reliable dysphagia nutrition solutions for people with swallowing difficulties and their caregivers.

We know that in order to find the best solutions for the more than 560 million people worldwide living with dysphagia, we must work collaboratively with experts in health care, food science and technology and patient safety.

That said, we are proud to announce our gold sponsorship with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI), a global effort to promote a set of standardized, common language terminology and definitions developed for texture modified foods and thickened liquids.

IDDSI was formed in 2013 as a result of inconsistencies among terminology, labels, numbers and levels used for dysphagia diets. With the goal of getting facilities, hospitals and countries on the same page, IDDSI created the International Dysphagia Diet Framework. The framework is designed to be person-focused rather than profession-focused, allowing greater navigation and comprehension among cultures and disciplines. It also provides practice and valid measurement techniques facilitated by people with dysphagia as well as caregivers, clinicians, food service professionals and industry partners.

As an organization that brings together patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to exchange new information and innovative ideas, we applaud the efforts of IDDSI and look forward to their partnership as together we help improve the lives of those affected by dysphagia.

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