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The Thick-It® Brand: Improving the lives of people with dysphagia and those who love them.

First in science. First in care.

A quiet cup of coffee at breakfast, a festive dinner with family—these are some of life’s simple pleasures that most take for granted. But for people with swallowing difficulties, mealtime can be a stressful occasion fraught with fear and worry. For the Thick-It® brand team, improving the lives of people with swallowing disorders has been our sole focus from day one. In 1987, we led the way with the introduction of Thick-It® Original, the first commercially available food and beverage thickener for dysphagia. Today, we continue to lead the industry with new and innovative dysphagia nutrition solutions.

From easy-to-use starch thickeners to ready-to-drink water, juice, coffee, and pre-mixed electrolyte beverages to tasty purées, the Thick-It® brand offers a full line of dysphagia nutrition solutions. We’re proud to provide a variety of educational resources and tools to help you manage a complex condition with grace and compassion.

We understand how devastating a dysphagia diagnosis can be. Swallowing difficulties not only affects a person’s quality of life, it can lead to dehydration and malnutrition, compromising their health and safety. The Thick-It® brand is committed to advancing the science that can simplify life with a swallowing disorder by developing foods, beverages, and thickeners that are safe, nutritious, and satisfying. We are honored to serve the needs of people with dysphagia, their loved ones and caregivers, and the greater healthcare community.

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