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Introducing Dysphagia Patients to the Dietary Basics
For years, a movement toward dietary standardization as related to dysphagia patients has stimulated considerable interest and discussion among health care providers, dietitians and speech language pathologists (SLPs). The comprehensive nature and intrinsic implications of this topic have created a wealth of suggestions and opinions from experts in the field, all with the ultimate goal of helping to effectively determine standardized dietary options that can then be further customized for each dysphagia patient.

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Categories - Dysphagia Treatment, Professionals Blog, Research
6 Facts About Oropharyngeal Dysphagia
The swallowing complications of a dysphagia diagnosis are typically pinpointed within two types of anatomical occurrences: oropharyngeal (“high dysphagia”), relating to a neurological problem in the mouth and/or throat; or esophageal (“low dysphagia”), relating to a physical problem in the esophagus, often aggravated by a blockage or irritation.1

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Categories - Disease States, Dysphagia Treatment, Professionals Blog, Research
14 Facts About Parkinson’s Disease and Dysphagia
As a neurological disorder, Parkinson’s disease (PD) has been shown to affect motor skills in the limbs, inhibit muscle coordination, and sometimes contribute to dysphagia. Because lack of awareness of swallowing difficulty, as well as silent aspiration, are not uncommon in PD, it is critical to monitor weight and provide counseling regarding signs and symptoms of swallowing difficulty even to individuals who report no swallowing difficulties.

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Categories - Disease States, Dysphagia Treatment, Professionals Blog, Research