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Xanthan Gum: What is it, and why does it matter for those with dysphagia?
For years, starch has been used to thicken beverages for patients with dysphagia. While starch-based thickeners serve an important role and are readily available to most people, more recently, xanthan gum-based thickeners have entered the market. They deliver many important attributes that help improve quality of life for people with dysphagia.

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Categories - Beverages, Dysphagia, Public Blog, Thickeners
5 Treatment Options for Dysphagia
With over 50 muscles and nerves involved during the act of swallowing, problems sometimes occur that inhibit this process. This swallowing challenge, know as dysphagia, can be a very serious issue but, when properly diagnosed, is often treatable by a physician and/or Speech Language Pathologist (SLP).

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Categories - Dysphagia, Public Blog
6 Things To Know About Electrical Stimulation And Dysphagia
Electrical stimulation as a treatment option for dysphagia has received much attention recently from patients who are experiencing swallowing difficulties and seeking the best possible dysphagic-related therapies.1 Is electrical stimulation safe? And is it effective? Here are commonly asked questions regarding this therapy option.

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Categories - Dysphagia, Public Blog